Indie-electronic music for film and television. The style is marked by haunting female vocals, layers of analog synths, indie guitar tones, and creative production.

Tony Correlli: producer/multi-instrumentalist

  • High demand Mid-Atlantic producer/engineer
  • Composer for feature films, short films, and national television commercials
  • Songwriter/arranger for hundreds of artists

Athena Hiotis: featured vocalist

"This Game of Thrones and Stranger Things theme mashup is weirdly great. This should play before a very dark, very creepy Lovecraftian fantasy."

- Nerdist


"I can't imagine making another film in which Steep Steps doesn't contribute in some way, as my work would be lesser by virtue of omission. "Outlines" is a haunting and utterly beautiful song that not only elevates the film by its inclusion, but also happens to be something I can listen to on repeat simply as one who loves music."

- Erik Kristopher Myers



What if we chose wisdom rather than vengence?
"Sophia" is the debut single from the EP "Vigilance". Inspired by a section in the ancient Book of Enoch, Steep Steps imagines a world where humanity has grown tired of violence and retribution and looks to Wisdom (Sophia) to resolve the problems that have plagued our history.